Saturday, December 30, 2006

Microsoft Windows Defender

Everyone hates the "Windows Genuine Advantage Tool" that doesn't let people with blocked, banned or duplicate CD Keys to install Microsoft products such as Windows Defender or Windows Live OneCare, however this can be avoided and you can get yourself an install package of Windows Defender without validating at all.

All you have to do is go to the backdoor link that Microsoft has so kindly left open on their website:
This will download Windows Defender direct from the Microsoft website. Once the download is complete you will notice, when you run the program that during installation there is another layer of Microsoft Genuine Advantage Validation to verify whether the Windows in which the Windows Defender is going to be installed is genuine or not. However, you can still install Windows Defender final version by using the similar trick and crack that was used to install Windows Defender Betas to bypass and disable genuine Windows validation test (WGA process) or quiet mode (silent install without any user interaction) feature of Windows Defender.

To silently install the Windows Defender without any user interaction, just append this switch: -qr to the Windows Defender setup command in Run of Start Menu or command prompt. The r switch option will run the Defender setup in reduced UI (user interface) mode, eliminating any need to validate Windows.

Download Windows Defender from the above link, and save it to a convenient location (for example below, I used the C:\ drive).
  1. Go to Start > Run.
  2. Key in the full path to your Windows Defender setup file including the name of the setup file (e.g. C:\WindowsDefender.msi if the MSI installer is located in C:\ drive).
  3. Append and add the -qr to the end of the line. The complete command will look like this: C:\WindowsDefender.msi -qr (or if the location of WindowsDefender.msi has spaces in it's name or path then you may wish to include it in quotation marks: "C:\WindowsDefender.msi" -qr.
  4. Press Enter or Click OK.
  5. Wait for Windows Defender installation to complete.
Works perfectly, use how you wish!