Monday, May 29, 2006

WarRock Peek

This was posted at MPGH on the 18th:

What we know so far:

  • No Game Guard or any other protection.
  • Mission game mode isn't playable yet... Infantry/Vehicle work some times, otherwise client crashes.
  • Login Server is online.
  • Montana's server is online.

Mission Combat
Map Size: Small
Max Players: 16
Game Mode: Explosive
Available Maps: Marien/Cadoro/Velruf/Xauen

Infantry Combat
Map Size: Medium
Max Players: 24
Game Mode: Death Match
Available Maps: Montana/Harbor_IDA/Emblem/Havana/Ravello/Ravello_2nd_St/

Vehicle Combat
Map Size: Large
Max Players: 32
Game Mode: Death Match
Available Maps: Unsure

Screenshots: Exclusive to MPGH.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pentagon Strike

What actually happened to the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 at 9:38am? Here is a strange flash movie that explains what happened to the Pentagon and that no Boeing 757 was found at the crash site of the Pentagon: and for faster PC’s:

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rcon Control Centre

I have been working on a program called Rcon Control Centre for quite a while now, I released it back in 2005 and I just thought that I would post something about it here. Rcon Control Centre allows remote administration of Call of Duty servers using the Rcon Password. Change server settings, maps, gamemodes, see active players, kick \ temporary ban \ ban players or send a message if required. It is currently compatible with Call of Duty and Call of Duty: United Offensive and will soon have Call of Duty 2 support and be able to run smoothly with all Call of Duty versions!

Monday, May 22, 2006

WarRock Pre-Release

WarRock Pre-Release should be released today, it says on the website: 0 Days To Pre-Release an email has yet to be sent to my Inbox saying that it has been released and a download link has yet to be added to the site. I just so hope that tomorrow it doesn't say -1 Days To Pre-Release and that K2 are delayed, and tell us that it won't be released for about 3 weeks, that would really suck.

Also I have had word that the legendary Punkbuster has been added to WarRock to help them capture cheaters!

"K2 Network, Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate our PunkBuster├é™ Anti-Cheat software into the online game known as War Rock├é™ which is developed by Dream Execution. PunkBuster for War Rock will soon be released via an upcoming game patch. Honest players who would like to report actual known working cheats and hacks for the game are encouraged to email the details to us at"

"To ensure a level playing field and to encourage an enjoyable gaming experience, K2 Network has decided to use Evenbalance's Punkbuster anti-cheat systems to integrate into the WarRock game. We believe strongly in fair play and are confident that Punkbuster's expertise will ensure this. If you cheat..."you're a PUNK!"."

I hope to see many people playing this game, and I also hope that it stays free, or atleast free from further charges than buying the CD.

The official WarRock Trailer, can be found here: - If you don't have a clue what WarRock is about, it is a good idea to watch this.

I have just found out that WarRock is going to be released around 7PM PST. That's 9hours from now! Let's just wait for it then.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

System Restore and "Visit My Blog" Image

System Restore
I downloaded CriticalGunZ1.0 and GunzMaster 6 earlier on today, and when I entered the folder to which I extracted these files ( both in the same folder ) my PC restarted - and I had to revert back to a System Restore point. I am not sure which program made this happen, also I heard something about Microsoft Windows having a new blocking system or something like that, where if a folder contains a file that Windows does not like and thinks can be malicious Windows performs some kind of action, I am not sure what this action is as I stopped reading the article half way through. I shall be more carefull with what I download now though.

"Vist My Blog" Image
Today I decided to create a "Visit My Blog" image, I made it so that I can add it to my Forum Signatures, websites and the likes. Comments would be appreciated.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Bypassing Filters - Using Google

I found a way to bypass school filters Yesterday, using Google!

Google Proxy
Access restricted web sites using Google language tools service as a proxy.
Originally written by: bigthistle

OK, let's start from the beginning. We all know that Google is more than a search engine; we do use it as provider for email, mapping, news and many other services. Google is now also a free proxy service. Proxy is a device that stands between a PC and the internet, providing all the connections to the world wide web. What a proxy does is to receive all data from a requested site, so when you access that web page all the data comes through the proxy rather than the site itself.

What's the purpose for Google as a proxy? We often use office/school/university connections, usually those services are set to provide more safety, blocking the access to undesired web sites (the "black list"). What you can do now is use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restrictions set for our connection!

You just need to type the following URL:|en&u=URL
(URL being the website URL you need to go to.)

What you'll get is the translation (English to English!) of the page you want to see... your connection is directed to a page so this page won't be blocked (would be blocked only with on the black list), no matter what the content is.

Notice that the URL has been altered because the parameter "langpair" is set to "en|en" (English/English) so the page is processed by Google but you can keep the original language of the page (no need to translate!). If you need another language, for example, french you just need to set the parameter langpair to "fr|fr" and you'll be able to read french pages in french!

Last but not least: if you use this trick, you will not be sure to protect your privacy, this kind of connection lets you see blacklisted pages but doesn't hide your IP address.

This tutorial was not written by me, all credit goes to bigthistle.