Sunday, May 21, 2006

System Restore and "Visit My Blog" Image

System Restore
I downloaded CriticalGunZ1.0 and GunzMaster 6 earlier on today, and when I entered the folder to which I extracted these files ( both in the same folder ) my PC restarted - and I had to revert back to a System Restore point. I am not sure which program made this happen, also I heard something about Microsoft Windows having a new blocking system or something like that, where if a folder contains a file that Windows does not like and thinks can be malicious Windows performs some kind of action, I am not sure what this action is as I stopped reading the article half way through. I shall be more carefull with what I download now though.

"Vist My Blog" Image
Today I decided to create a "Visit My Blog" image, I made it so that I can add it to my Forum Signatures, websites and the likes. Comments would be appreciated.


Arunforce said...

My BLOG IS better!

Bull3t said...

I know, because mine has only just got off the ground!