Monday, May 29, 2006

WarRock Peek

This was posted at MPGH on the 18th:

What we know so far:

  • No Game Guard or any other protection.
  • Mission game mode isn't playable yet... Infantry/Vehicle work some times, otherwise client crashes.
  • Login Server is online.
  • Montana's server is online.

Mission Combat
Map Size: Small
Max Players: 16
Game Mode: Explosive
Available Maps: Marien/Cadoro/Velruf/Xauen

Infantry Combat
Map Size: Medium
Max Players: 24
Game Mode: Death Match
Available Maps: Montana/Harbor_IDA/Emblem/Havana/Ravello/Ravello_2nd_St/

Vehicle Combat
Map Size: Large
Max Players: 32
Game Mode: Death Match
Available Maps: Unsure

Screenshots: Exclusive to MPGH.

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