Monday, May 22, 2006

WarRock Pre-Release

WarRock Pre-Release should be released today, it says on the website: 0 Days To Pre-Release an email has yet to be sent to my Inbox saying that it has been released and a download link has yet to be added to the site. I just so hope that tomorrow it doesn't say -1 Days To Pre-Release and that K2 are delayed, and tell us that it won't be released for about 3 weeks, that would really suck.

Also I have had word that the legendary Punkbuster has been added to WarRock to help them capture cheaters!

"K2 Network, Inc. has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate our PunkBuster├é™ Anti-Cheat software into the online game known as War Rock├é™ which is developed by Dream Execution. PunkBuster for War Rock will soon be released via an upcoming game patch. Honest players who would like to report actual known working cheats and hacks for the game are encouraged to email the details to us at"

"To ensure a level playing field and to encourage an enjoyable gaming experience, K2 Network has decided to use Evenbalance's Punkbuster anti-cheat systems to integrate into the WarRock game. We believe strongly in fair play and are confident that Punkbuster's expertise will ensure this. If you cheat..."you're a PUNK!"."

I hope to see many people playing this game, and I also hope that it stays free, or atleast free from further charges than buying the CD.

The official WarRock Trailer, can be found here: - If you don't have a clue what WarRock is about, it is a good idea to watch this.

I have just found out that WarRock is going to be released around 7PM PST. That's 9hours from now! Let's just wait for it then.