Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blog Links and Images and MPGH Graphics Moderator

Blog Links and Images
I added two new features to my Blog today, to make it have a more user-friendly and generally make it different from other Blogs. The first is; “nicetitle”; You will notice, when you “mouse over” some links on my Blog they show a little pop up under your mouse saying where the link will take you and the link title. This nifty little feature is called “nicetitle”. It is Javascript so if you don’t have a Javascript enabled browser these will not show. The second is “lightbox”; When you click on some images I have posted, instead of it opening a new window and showing you the image, it now shows a pop up box on the same page with a close button and the opacity of the page decreases. At the moment “lightbox” does not seem to work, I will try and get it fixed later on.

MPGH Graphics Moderator
I have been nominated for the role of MPGH Graphics Moderator! I will now have to be allot more active there and accept some graphics requests. Thanks to EnriT for dropping my name in! If I feel like it I may post some of my finished requests here.


Jack said...

Congratz on the Graphics mod, man.

Bull3t said...

Hehe, thanks!

Arunforce said...

Look at Jackal's Blog

Jack said...

WOOT!! Blog buddies.

I feel loved.