Friday, June 16, 2006

WarRock Closed Beta

WarRock Closed Beta begins on June 15, 2006

K2Network is pleased to announce the Closed Beta release of WarRock. At this time we would like to welcome back all the Pre Release users of WarRock. We appreciate all the feedback and support you have provided and hope for your continued interest and suggestions.

New Features

  • Maps - Two new and exciting maps have been introduced.
    • Emblem - a fast paced map where opposing Derbaran and NIU forces fight for control over a secret base located in hilly wooded terrain.
    • Engrene - a large scale battle map with trucks, tanks, motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes!
  • Weapons - Two new weapons.
    • Glock - A lightweight powerful pistol equipped with extended magazine and customised for superior stopping power.
    • Stinger - A portable short range missile launcher. Lock on to enemy aircraft and blow them out of the sky!
  • Website - Enhanced web security and features.
    • Account - Log in and change user account settings.
    • Email - Email verification.
    • Friends - Invite Friends to Closed Beta - All those who have accounts in good standing will be able to invite up to four friends to play WarRock.
  • PunkBuster - PunkBuster has been fully integrated into WarRock. Cheaters and hackers beware!

  • Servers - Two new servers have been added. There are now servers located in Dallas, Texas and London!

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Jack said...

That makes me sad. Punkbuster is not cool.

*Jackal Gets out his rusty Boot knife