Saturday, June 03, 2006

Specification Image, WarRock Account and The Pirate Bay

Got bored yesterday so decided to make this image, feel free to comment on it. Not sure what else to say today except that I found out that my account has been banned from WarRock, seems someone reported me, damn snitch! Anyway I will have to wait for the Closed Beta and sign up for that. Also The Pirate Bay is back up and running from it’s down time after the Swedish Police took it down for awhile, it seems they have made a joke out of it as well, if you goto the link the title of the page reads: “The Police Bay”.


Arunforce said...

Not bad stats, not bad at all.
Except for your hard drive, which is laughable. :P (You can get a 300 GB hard drive for 85 bucks, but then again you may not be in need, hell I got 550 Gigs of hard drive space, and only got like 40 gigs left) :\

But mine is like a year old, :0.

Bull3t said...

Haha, nice! My hard drive is small and almost empty, I have split it into two partitions, one called System for the Windows files around 40GB and 25% full, my other called Data for all my other files around 80GB and 40% full.

Bull3t said...

I had a typo in the image it is supposed to read 120GB rather than 120MB, now I can see why you laughed.