Friday, November 17, 2006

Graphics Card

Well, I was in the middle of a game of World of Warcraft (as usual) the other day, when my screen went blank and displayed, "RGB No Input Signal", I just thought that the cable had been disconnected or that I had hit the off switch, but that was all snug. I then restarted the computer and the screen regained conciousness, so I thought nothing more of it, until I started World of Warcraft again, and as soon as the game opened into full screen (after pressing Play) the screen did exactly the same.

I again, checked the cables, restarted and this time did not load anything, I waited around 1 minute and the screen went dead. I bellowed "What ever the hell is going on?!" I suddenly had a brain surge, "It could be my Graphics Card!" That may actually be it I thought as I ripped my computer apart, took out the Graphics Card and inserted a Nvidia GeForce MX 440 as a replacement. That did it! My old Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro card had packed up after only 8 months of hardcore gaming (yeah, okay that is exaggeration, but I have only had it 8 months) the most annoying this is that I probably have not kept the receipt, so that means that I cannot get it replaced or pay the difference on a new one, I would have to pay full price! Damn.

Basically this means that now I have to put up with a Graphics Card that gives me around 15-30 frames per second where as I am used to at least 50. Seems I will have to live with it until after Christmas, when I may be getting a new Dual Core motherboard, Nvidia Graphics Card and a high-speed, high-space hard-drive.

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