Sunday, November 19, 2006

Internet Explorer

Had to make some changes to my blog today because some things were messed up, added a new translation bar on the right. Made the comments and "send this post" image float on the right of the post footer.

Some minor problems occur with the translation, because Google thinks it is clever it tries to translate every page that this blog links too, but of course that causes some errors because you won't then be able to swap between languages, you will have to press "View Original Web Page" on the Google frame at the top, or re-type the blogs URL manually. May have to remove or remake it later.

Internet Explorer 6 (or lower) users may find some issues with both of these edits, but frankly all Internet Explorer users should find an alternative browser, because Internet Explorer just plain sucks. Not sure whether Internet Explorer 7 shows it correctly, but you will find out soon enough.

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