Sunday, November 19, 2006

Internet Explorer

Had to make some changes to my blog today because some things were messed up, added a new translation bar on the right. Made the comments and "send this post" image float on the right of the post footer.

Some minor problems occur with the translation, because Google thinks it is clever it tries to translate every page that this blog links too, but of course that causes some errors because you won't then be able to swap between languages, you will have to press "View Original Web Page" on the Google frame at the top, or re-type the blogs URL manually. May have to remove or remake it later.

Internet Explorer 6 (or lower) users may find some issues with both of these edits, but frankly all Internet Explorer users should find an alternative browser, because Internet Explorer just plain sucks. Not sure whether Internet Explorer 7 shows it correctly, but you will find out soon enough.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

World of Warcraft: Gold Guide

Okay, so I am writing a World of Warcraft Gold Guide, for legal and legitimate ways to earn easy gold in World of Warcraft, the guide should be complete soon, but I wouldn't count on it being out before Christmas, I am just too busy!

Anyway, I can give you all a sneak preview of a part or two of it, so that you know what you are looking forward to.
Page 1, paragraph 4.

During your World of Warcraft experience, you are going to be tempted to blow your money on low-level items from the Auction House or vendors. These items will, in a few levels time, be replaced with quest rewards, drops or will no longer be worth the money for your level. In my opinion I would wait until at least level 40 before you start buying any new items, there are many other ways to get your character some good gear for these levels most of them can be obtained from instances and quests.

Page 1, paragraph 6.

Right from the beginning of the game up until the very end you should loot everything you find, inclusive of grey quality items and things that you think are just plain vendor junk. I say this because many of the vendor junk items can be sold for a fair amount of silver, adding to your income.

It currently consists of 2 pages (that is of Courier New size 10 text) to which I am hoping to add at least 3 more. I will notify you of the release and when you can download it. The guide will be free of charge, but you may be encouraged to send a small donation to me so that I may carry on adding to it.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Graphics Card

Well, I was in the middle of a game of World of Warcraft (as usual) the other day, when my screen went blank and displayed, "RGB No Input Signal", I just thought that the cable had been disconnected or that I had hit the off switch, but that was all snug. I then restarted the computer and the screen regained conciousness, so I thought nothing more of it, until I started World of Warcraft again, and as soon as the game opened into full screen (after pressing Play) the screen did exactly the same.

I again, checked the cables, restarted and this time did not load anything, I waited around 1 minute and the screen went dead. I bellowed "What ever the hell is going on?!" I suddenly had a brain surge, "It could be my Graphics Card!" That may actually be it I thought as I ripped my computer apart, took out the Graphics Card and inserted a Nvidia GeForce MX 440 as a replacement. That did it! My old Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro card had packed up after only 8 months of hardcore gaming (yeah, okay that is exaggeration, but I have only had it 8 months) the most annoying this is that I probably have not kept the receipt, so that means that I cannot get it replaced or pay the difference on a new one, I would have to pay full price! Damn.

Basically this means that now I have to put up with a Graphics Card that gives me around 15-30 frames per second where as I am used to at least 50. Seems I will have to live with it until after Christmas, when I may be getting a new Dual Core motherboard, Nvidia Graphics Card and a high-speed, high-space hard-drive.

Post number 50!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bull3t in Beta!

Wahay! Finally I have moved Bull3t's Blog to Blogger Beta, new features here I come. Maybe now, if I can find the time I can start posting more, I have also stopped using Flock, so you won't see so many technorati tags anymore. Also I shall be using the new Labels feature to Blogger in Beta as categories for my posts!

Anyway, enough about Blogger in Beta. I have recently viewed the video for the Microsoft Office 2007 suite and realised that it doesn't seem to be that newcomer-friendly, yes The Ribbon replaced menus and toolbars with one, easy place to find all of the commands you need, but is it really that easy? What ever happened to all the menu bars, were they not easier for newcomers to navigate? There are some very nice features that have been added, but I am not sure that newcomers would find this all as easy as it seems.

Well, that will have to do for now as I have to go and do some other stuff...