Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogger FTP IOException Error

Okay, I was fiddling around with Blogger today and created a new blog to test some things on, I saw that Blogger has the feature to publish and upload your blog to another host through FTP. So I tapped in my ntl account information and pressed Save Settings, it saved correctly, and all was well until...

I pressed Publish to upload it and Blogger said the following:

There were errors.
001 EOF while reading from control connection.

So I typed "001 EOF while reading from control connection." into Google and found that it means there is a problem on Blogger, go do something important and fiddle with it later.

The following FAQ created by Alan, should help you:

  • It's a generic error that blogger spits out when someone trips over a cable.
  • There is nothing you can do to fix it at your end so go rant at Blogger.
  • I highly recommend just saving your post to a text file and trying again several hours later, or even the next day.

So that is two things that are annoying when posting to Blogger, this FTP problem and something crappy with Flock Blog feature. With Flock when you publish a post through the Blog feature it adds random "<font>" and "</span>" tags to the source code, which of course in Internet Explorer looks absolutely crap.

It's a wonderful life!

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Alan said...

which you found out via my blog =P

Bull3t said...

Yeah I found the FAQ thing, hehe, but I found your blog through Google.

Gary Williams said...

And I am having that problem on my blog now - ANNOYED!