Sunday, July 02, 2006

Russian Roulette and Template Change

Russian Roulette is "the practice of placing one round in a revolver, spinning the cylinder and closing it into the firearm without looking, aiming the revolver at one's own head in a suicidal fashion, and pulling the trigger. The number of rounds placed in the revolver can vary. As a gambling game, toy guns are often used to simulate the practice. The number of deaths caused by this practice is unknown".

Carlos Katastrofksy used this concept to create a Russian Roulette netart project, replacing the shooting activity with a random downloader. Press a provided download button and get a file, but who knows which file? Maybe a picture, a sound, a virus?

Dangerous downloading isn't the only important aspect here. Like in any P2P application, downloading implies uploading, for a file to be downloaded by someone it has had to be generously uploaded by someone else. The files stored in Russian Roulette are the files people decided to share. We don't get to know who uploaded what, just their names.

Russian Roulette:
Author's Call for Contribution:

I changed the template sidebar as I was annoyed with the original one, also added some Collapse and Expand buttons to it so that you can collapse some of the unused sidebars and expand some of the more used. Maybe they are useless, because the state does not save so when you re-visit you will have to hide them again! Nevertheless, enjoy them!

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