Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This is my first post with the Flock broswer, which I feel is a copy of Firefox but more advanced and with allot more features, such as Blogging. Also I will now be adding tags to the bottom of each post, so that my blog is indexed more in search engines and so that you can easily search my blog.

Someone on MPGH today linked to It's A Wonderful Internet, which is basically a little flash pop-out book created by Ant Farm Interactive. This lead me to think about many questions that I had not thought about before, such as, "Who made the first website?", "Who was the first Internet Provider?" and most importantly, "Who actually did make the Internet, or come up with the idea?".

So I used my old friend Google and typed in "first ever website", it come back with a number of results one of which I think is rather interesting that is Guardian Unlimited Notes and Queries, this website allows users to submit their own answer to the question, "Who put up the first website?", tell me what you think.

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1 comment:

Jack said...

Thank you for mentioning that, Bull3t. It's a pretty funny flash, isn't it?
I believe that the Forerunner to The Interweb was something called "Darpanet" or someting...