Thursday, July 13, 2006

Squarespace and Blogger

Yesterday, I was casually browsing the internet and stumbled across a new blogging system, known as Squarespace. If I hadn't already created a Blog here already, I would seriously have thought about creating one on Squarespace as it isn't only a Blog, but a easy-to-edit website, from which you can add pages, image galleries, journals, guestbooks, discussions and many more! It is a lot more advanced and visual than Blogger. At this current moment I am going to be using it as my Portfolio, containing my digital images, tutorials, files and much more. With it's sophisticated site structuring, unique flexible templates and intuitive site editing controls, it really does beat Blogger!

  • Professional Designs
  • On-Site Editing
  • Automatic Site Structuring
  • Multiple Ways to Edit
  • Dynamic Layouts
  • Optimized for Readership
  • Site Dashboard
  • Journal Entry References / Trackback Support
  • Powerful Blogging Options
  • Podcasting Support
  • Industrial Anti-Spam
  • Printable Articles, Email Article Links
  • Subscribe to Changes
  • Clean URLs
  • Secure Member Areas
  • XML Syndication
  • Full XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • Movable Type Importing
  • Multiple Editors
  • Transparent Domain Mapping
  • One Step Publishing
  • Integrated Access Log
  • One Click Login
  • Advanced Spell Checking
  • Integrated Support
  • Smart Log Analysis
  • XML Backups
  • view features list...

  • Squarespace isn't as supported as Blogger.
  • Squarespace does not have many third party publishers.
  • Squarespace cannot transfer posts from other Blogging systems.
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regac said...

it seems kind of a cross between googlepages and blogger....

its quite good though...

maybe i try it....

i'll let you know..

Jack said...

7$ a month is a bit pricey for a blog...

Bull3t said...

You don't have to pay, it is free, unless you want premium features.