Monday, August 07, 2006

Blog Active Again

So, I am back from camping and my blog is active again! After not posting for a while, I have lots of catching up to do. I will start by telling you how to 'hack' a snooker table, which funnily enough I learnt at my camp site.

I found out how to 'hack' a pool table, when after I had paid for a game it chucked out 2 black balls and not enough reds, so I stuck my hand up the ball shoot and pulled out the red! At first I didn't think that it would work, but you can see your hand through the plastic at the front. Anyway, after we had finished the game, I put my hand back up the shoot and pushed down the metal release bar, which drops the balls after you have paid. All the balls fall out and you have yourself a free snooker game!

The only problem is that this only works on certain types of tables, the ball shoot and ball holder/container must be on the same side and there must be a bar of some sort that can be pushed down. The table I played on was a Superleague Pool Table, but there are many different Superleague tables and I can't find a picture.

I can also use a SMARTlaunch Cyber Cafe without paying, if the admin has not changed the default username and password to access the admin settings and login as guest. But most of the time the admin has changed that setting, unless you are at a Cyber Cafe like the campsite I was at, where no-one knows what to do, to set up the damn thing.
  1. Press the "Esc." key at the login screen of the SMARTlaunch program.
  2. Type "admin" as the username and password.
  3. Press the "Login" button.
  4. Change to the "Users" tab.
  5. Press the "Login as guest" button.
  6. Hit "OK" and let it log you in to the guest account!

Anyway, enough telling you little tricks. Time to tell you what I am planning on doing with some of my hard earned cash!

What would you say if I were to tell you that I am about to spend £225 [$426] on a PSP Console? You would say that it is stupid money, right? Well what if I were to say that I get two free games with it? Still stupid money? Okay, then two free games, a White PSP Value Pack and a £30 game for £225, so that would include the following:

  • Ceramic White Playstation Portable (PSP)
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery Pack
  • Headphones with Remote Control
  • Memory Stick Duo [32MB]
  • Wrist Strap
  • Pouch
  • Cloth
  • UMD Software
  • Printed materials

  • Ace Escape P
  • The Sims 2

  • All with a game worth £30 of my choice.
What would you say to that? Considering I have a £15 Gift Card and another £20 being paid towards it, by someone else, I would think that, that isn't such a bad deal after all!

Now that is what I call catching up! Hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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