Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blogger Beta

Yes, that's right the famous Blogger, weblog publisher has started a new beta phase! With a more-user friendly atmosphere, by making it easier to edit your page template, being able to make your blog private, adding new templates, adding more feed options, updating the Dashboard and no-wait instant publishing! You can create a blog with the current beta, once the beta phase has ended all blogs will be merged into the newer version.

Along with the new features, settings and options, Bloggers own API has changed to a Google Data API, which means there is loads of sample code, downloadable client libraries for C# and Java, authentication is fully documented, and you can swap and change between other GData applications, such as Calendar.

It is just a shame that Visual Basic is not included in the libraries and source. Nevermind, now all we have to do is wait for the beta to become the new Blogger!

If you would like to see my test blog, which to be honest is nothing, because most of the change is behind the scenes, for the admin of the blog, then feel free to visit;

Happy blogging, fellow bloggers!

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