Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Portfolio

Okay, so Squarespace is only a trial, which I didn't know when I first signed up for it, but after I found out I had 4 days to create myself a new portfolio and host it elsewhere. I started by opening Photoshop and sketching out a few ideas, I fiddled around with the colours pallette and came up with a 4 nice colours that looked good together. The 4 colours are as follows:

  • Dark Grey [3d3d3d]
  • Light Grey [595959]
  • Light Blue [4f79a5]
  • White [ffffff]

The two grey colours were chosen from my old Squarespace account and so was the layout, the journal footer was taken from this blog and the Windows logo and the exclamation mark icon were from a PNG icon pack but everything else I did myself. First of all I created a new document, 800x600, filled it with the dark grey and created a fixed selection in the middle, filled it with the lighted grey. Added the title with the Fonce Sans font from deviantART, coloured the title and added in the Verdana font my quote, underneath the title. Then I typed "welcome" and "content" in Fonce Sans, then "Navigation", "About" and "Journal Navigation" in Verdana, added the exclamation mark and the Windows icon, typed some text next to the exclamation mark. Added some finishing touches, then used the slice tool to slice up parts that needed slicing, saved it for web and started to code it in CSS and HTML.

I uploaded it to my ntlworld webspace, yesterday and registered a domain name for it,! This is now where I keep my gallery, tutorials, about me and more. Enjoy!

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