Saturday, August 12, 2006

Spam Mail

Everyone gets spam/junk mail once in a while, whether it be a random email from someone you don't know, or a repetitive message from a changing email address offering to sell you Viagra. We all get them, one of my email accounts get them so bad that I had to delete the damn thing, even now with it deleted it is still being sent endless emails. So anyone that creates an email address with the name of "" will get spammed, and yet it is a fresh email address, to them atleast.

I created another email in place of that one, which I now use as my secondary. My main email however, is also starting to get spammed, by so-called "traders" offering me to buy things from them and then sell them on.

One email that stands out, I thought was rather strange, it was sent from "BrentMcguire <>" to "", to start with the address that it has been sent to does not match mine, yes mine is an NTL email address, but the prefix is not "bulldog009" so I don't know how I received that. The image inside the email is as follows:

After the email there is some text that reads:

Lots of people make a huge mistake by not focusing on this very stock.

Good luck to you � and remember that luck favors the prepared!

After that is more text which looks like a weird jumbled up story:

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The funny thing is about these emails is that there is no hyperlink, so I can't buy it even if I wanted to.

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