Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PSP Console

So I have purchased my PSP and it will arrive within the next day or two. I haven't yet purchased the game of my choice as if I were to do so online I would be unable to use my £15 Gift Card. The current status of my shipment is as follows:

Your order has been dispatched on: 08/08/2006 15:39:28

I got it from Game and was told that the delivery would be immediate, meaning that they have it instock, but I doubt that it will arrive today. I will tell you all what it is like when it arrives!

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Arunforce said...

Yawn, Europe is expensive.

I paid $300 for my PSP, 2 months after it came out. I lost my wrist strap, I think O_O, and I rarely use it, the games kinda suck on there, and it's boringgggggggggggg! Games are actually boring these days.

Arunforce said...

Oh yeah, keep your firmwire as low as possible, for homebrew, XD.

I got like 10 games, and I got like 100 virtual games, thanks to homebrew. =)

Bull3t said...

What you mean by homebrew and how you get the games? I am confused.