Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogger vs. Wordpress

When I created a blog for the very first time I went straight to Blogspot (now Blogger) with no hesitation but now that it is near enough a year since that time I am having second thoughts on the host I chose at the beginning. I was browsing through some of the Wordpress blogs and noticed that they seem to be more like small websites with a weblog as their homepage than one-paged weblogs, not including the archives and post pages. I actually liked the idea of adding your own pages to your blog so that you can add information to it that otherwise would be useless in a post because the post would get lost in the archives somewhere. Then again Wordpress does have it's negative points too such as not being able to edit the CSS of your blog without paying about £7.70. So why can't Blogger be more like Wordpress and Wordpress be more like Blogger?

There are some features that Wordpress has which I feel Blogger should have, for example one of the best features of Wordpress is the page creation where you can add information to other pages on your site rather than just sticking to one page, meaning that you are no longer restricted for space. That doesn't mean that Blogger should then start charging you to edit the CSS code of your own blog, which is what Wordpress have decided to do.

If I had the choice of moving all of my posts over to Wordpress I would most probably accept, but I would have to stick to the default templates and not be able to edit the CSS as I probably would not pay £7.70 to be able to do so. So I either stick with Blogger and not have more than one page or I create a blog with Wordpress and lose my custom template and designs. For some reason I just don't think I would want to do that, simply because it would mean that I would not have all of the posts that I have added so far - not sure why that feels like a stupid thing to do.

I suppose if I really wanted to add my own pages then I could always buy some hosting and upload a portfolio and blog together in one. For now I will stick with Blogger but I there is nothing stopping me from buying hosting, even if it isn't the best of choices.


Paul Bjergsted Jensen said...

It would be nice if Wordpress didn't charge for custom CSS, but they've gotta make money somewhere. The reason its different for Blogger is because Google owns Blogger, and makes its money from letting bloggers put adwords on their blogs.

Bull3t said...

Yeah, I see what you mean but can't WordPress integrate adwords into their top-bar on blogs as well? Or something along those lines.