Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Officially Transferred

Okay, well today I finally decided that I would infact use WordPress as my main blogging system as it is a lot more versatile, user friendly and has many new and improved features that Blogger just does not offer. There are still some things that I am currently doubting with this version of WordPress though, one being that the CSS editing is not free, which is a pain in the arse because that controls one of the main features of a blog - the layout. The other is the fact that any Javascript that is posted whether that is on a page, in a post or added to the sidebar is stripped from existence, which means that things such as Bloggrrr, Google Analytics and so on cannot be used, so I am currently thinking of buying hosting, a domain and an SQL database so that I can upload my blog to my own hosting and have an annoyance-free blog.

Currently I am looking at this hosting package which comes with free, or domain name registration, unlimited bandwidth, no adverts or banners, 10 sub domains, 10 POP3 e-mail accounts and 2 free My SQL databases. I am currently considering this offer and I may buy it (or something else) within the next week, so watch this space.


Michael said...

The other is the fact that any Javascript that is posted whether that is on a page,....

And possibly to rub it in, there is no upgrade option for that. I can't figure out the reason for the limitation.

Bull3t said...

Apparently it is a security reason and WordPress don't want to be held responsible for any Javascript hacks that enable people to login to your account, meh - for the win.