Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blogs and Feeds

It seems like only yesterday that weblogs and feeds were introduced (or, at least made popular) in the internet world and yet there is apparently a blog born every second and what do you get along with a blog? Feeds. They are everywhere now, I would say at least 75% of the websites I visit in a day have at least one feed. This blog has more than one feed and is also getting burnt through FeedBurner. Much of the time I don't really see the point in feeds so I haven't use them until now. I visit a few blogs regularly using the Flock tabs as an easy way to swap from one to the other and then I realised that if I had a feed reader I could view all these blogs in one place - so I suppose that is what feeds are used for.

If you search Google for feeds you will get nearly 20 million results! So how many total feeds and blogs are there currently? I would love to know the statistics for such a thing, but surely nearly everything you post has already been posted somewhere else on the web (excluding maybe the latest news from the last second) or maybe that is what blogs are for - to highlight the latest news that is interesting, big or rare, to rant or rave about something that you have seen someone else rant or rave about.

Long live blogging.

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